How to recognize a bad exhibition stand contractor

Construction history information and resource can help exhibitors to avoid an exhibition failure


There are some cases reported where the exhibition contractor cancel the exhibition stand Project without any the reason two weeks before the exhibition start. Unfortunately those exhibitors could not participate at the exhibition.


You’ve checked out a long list of contractors. Now the final decision gets tough. Each contractor appeals to you for various reasons. They’re almost identically experienced, with one difference: building historical past.

In case on half way through the exhibition contractor decides that he does not want to complete the project and simply fails to provide the booth construction on site. You have a problem.

If your contractor left you with out providing the exhibition stand project and isn’t communicating with you, start searching to replace the contractor 3 weeks ahead of exhibition starts. otherwise the booth construction is in risk.

Some contractors looks like to use the money of exhibitors to pay for the costs of other projects and then just cancel the project claiming different reasons, and then they pay the money after several weeks back. The exhibitor stays without his exhibition stand and the contractor has used the funds for several months to finance other projects.


AA Studio Kombiko - They don’t have provided the construction of our exhibition stand.
Our company prepaid the Stand,to AA Studio Kombiko exhibition stand contractors, they confirmed that the construction started. Couple of days before the exhibition they did not reply anymore by email. Three days before the exhibition start they did not started with the construction. When our manager went one day before the exhibition on the fairground they will snow exhibition stand.
They just wired back our payment.”



“We have not received our exhibition stand. I have lost my job as I was responsible for exhibition marketing in my company.

AA Studio Kombiko after not receiving my exhibition stand project on the fair in Germany. I would like to provide more information about exhibitors that are in contact with this company. We did not receive our exhibition stand at the German Fair with extremely bad consequences for our company. A team of six people travel to the exhibition, without finding an exhibition stand. They just did not built the exhibition stand.

They inform us over a mail that they will not build the stand.”



AA Studio Kombikoleft our company without providing the exhibition stand Construction.
Aa Studio Kombiko wrote us over mail, two weeks before the fair that they have no capabilities to build the exhibition stand. We should find another Construction Company.
The stand construction was confirmed from our side 2 months before, we signed a contract and prepaid 50% Advance payment.

Unfortunately they was no time anymore to find a solution to construct our stand and we needed to cancel our exhibition presentation.”


If you have contracted an exhibition stand contractor, if you have done bad experience or if your contractor has just canceled or you are a victim of scam in the exhibition industry, write your story. It can be published on this page.