Electronica/Hybridica Exhibition Stand in Munich - Germany

Planning a stand at the exhibition a competent task, a lot of preparation and planning has to develop on the run up to the event to ensure you get the greatest outcome. Activteam with the experience of 20 years made it easier for participants designing there stands reducing their effort and time, providing all services of designing management and construction in an organized environment.
Staying in Forefront in what really matters when exhibiting, visibility recognizable look, leading image, and brand.
The expo occurs every two years. The previous event’s key themes included medical and automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things among others. Based in Munich, electronica is a leading trade fair focused on electronic components, systems and applications. The improvements in these areas will be addressed during electronica, together with a lot of industry’s issues and upcoming challenges. Close to demonstrating businesses and professional visitors will create their mark at the largest event in the sector while keeping current on the innovations.

Staying in Forefront is precisely what really matters when exhibiting. A visibility recognizable look, leading image, branding, we all know how essential that is but how to Archive it how to bring this work in reality? Activteam exhibition marketer David Blond says it is a combination of exhibitors Target exhibition marketing and experience. Designers with endless ideas and the taste to put in front an exhibit stand project with a modern design concept customized exhibition stands.
Design is important, preparation is crucial, an experience of contractor can make the difference. custom exhibition stands designs have bin seen this year by the trade show stand design company Actvteam Electronica/Hybridica Exhibition Stand in Munich, Germany