STAMANN Exhibition Stands Poland

You might get in big trouble if your exhibition contractor does not deliver your exhibition stand even worst, if they not pay back your prepayment

Recognizing fraud is to begin with a case of knowing how to look. Below are main types - some less obvious than others and harder to track.

Our latest exhibition review into fraud in the exhibition building industry - followed research carried out in Europe identifies the risk construction companies dealing with fraud. Below we list reported construction failures.

There are almost endless ways that you can be defrauded in the exhibition construction industry, but there are so many ways that you could protect yourself from those who want to steal from your business and hurt your business. In most cases, you should do your due diligence on the people you work with to avoid stepping into trouble. Research potential partners on Google, ask for references, find out more about their previous work, or find reviews of their business online.

Below are the latest reports of potential exhibition construction failures stories:

“The Polish exhibition stand construction company STAMANN owner Marek Staniszewski, left our company without providing the exhibition stand construction. STAMANN wrote us over mail, couple of days prior to the fair they may no ability to develop the exhibition booth. We need to find one other building company. The stand building was confirmed from our side sixty days before, we signed binding agreement and prepaid 50% advance payment.”


“STAMANN exhibition stand contractor from Poland. We have taken part at the exhibition in Germany Contracting STAMANN which is a Polish exhibition stand manufacturing company.  We have signed a contract and prepaid 50% of the construction prices providing the prepayment to start the construction. After a couple of days we have received an email that they could not provide the construction and they will refund the money.

We have then waited for over 2 months but without receiving the money back.
After several phone calls they just say to contact their lawyer and they would not speak to us. The project manager did you not forward any phone call to the companies owner which is Mr. Marek Staniszewski.
Some other people I reached over the phone they said there are not responsible to talk with us.

Definition of FRAUD:
A wrongful or criminal deception intentionally practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Trickery or a swindle.

Do they have a Ponzi Scheme?

The interesting part of some of the above stories is that a prepayment of around 10000 EUR hasn’t been paid back. It seemed that some contractors are running a “Ponzi” scheme type of business, as it seem they are attempting to use this money to cover past jobs or exhibition stands in other locations and that he could profit from. Seems to use the money of exhibitors to pay for the expenses of other project and then just cancel the project claiming different explanations.

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